Just Walk Away

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During one of my deployments to Afghanistan, I had a religious experience that I can’t explain.

Our mission entailed going into a town to help the local police because they were getting harassed, threatened, and shot at almost nightly. The town/area is used as a smuggling route for fighters and weapons (think Taliban Silk Road). So that night we stayed at the police station building.

About forty of us packed into two rooms. We had dinner (MREs), killed some time by talking/joking around, and then went to our sleeping bags to get some sleep.

Soon after I lay down, I got this weird feeling in my extremities. It felt like a tingling electrical charge that made my hands and feet go numb. I sat up and shook the feeling off. As soon as I lay back down, that weird feeling starts again. Since I thought I would just be able to sit up and shake it off, I let it go down further down my arms and up my legs. Once it got to my core, I tried to sit back up but I couldn’t. I was paralyzed. I tried to move but was frozen. The only thing that I could move were my eyes. I tried to get people‚Äôs attention but it was dark and nobody noticed my eyes. That tingling feeling took over my whole body. I was floating in a bed of warm static that made me weightless. I started to float above my physical body.

All of a sudden, I was transported somewhere else. I woke up on a bed in front and underneath a dry twisted tree. I realized that this bed was in the middle of road in an Afghan town. It was dusk and everything was reddish because the sun was low in the horizon. I stood up and pushed the bed out of the way, exposing a pentagram with symbols and candles going around it, directly under the bed and at the foot of the tree. I picked up a piece of charcoal and started drawing these elaborate symbols that completed the ring around the pentagram. when I was done, I stood up and walk away from it. At this point, I had two points-of-view. One was through my eyes, and the other was above me. That second point-of-view could see behind me. When I stood up, the symbols around the pentagram started moving in a circular motion around the star and the candles lit up by themselves. The star started glowing red.

I could see myself walking away from the tree, bed, and pentagram, down this street with Afghan compounds and houses lining the street on both of my flanks. I could feel people watching me and heard whispering around me. I looked at the windows of the buildings, and I saw eyes of shadows staring at me. These shadows swirled and whispered in the buildings. The more I focused on the windows, the louder the murmurs became. I didn’t know what they were saying but I knew they were talking about me. The whole thing was creepy, and I really didn’t want to focus on it, so I put my head down and kept walking down the road. For some reason, I stopped and turned back to the tree. When I did, the tree was gone. I turned back around and started to walk a little bit faster.

I then saw some hooded figure behind me. At this point I was pretty scared, and I was right about to start running, when I heard it call to me. It said, “I will fulfill your heart’s desires.” Its voice was smooth and pleasant. This gave me pause. I thought about it. I knew what he meant. I can have anything, anyone, and everything I want. I somehow knew I should not turn around and look at its face. I wanted to run away as fast as I could. Right when I was about to, I heard another voice. This one said, “You don’t have to run, he can’t reach you, JUST WALK AWAY.”

A bright light split the reddish hue of the town, and even though I was still scared, I didn’t run. I just kept on walking.

Suddenly, I was transported back to my real body. My eyes were still open. I sat up and looked around at the people laying all around me. I looked at my watch and only a few minutes had passed since I lay down. I was pretty scared, so I ended up praying for a while. I tried to not think about this, so I kind of just locked this away and never mentioned it to anyone I was deployed with.

If you have gotten this far, thanks.

This is what I honestly think about what happened.

Yes, I know I can just call this sleep paralysis and a hypnagogic hallucination, but I am not so sure. It was more real than this dull reality. More real than me typing this. More real than you reading this.

Afghanistan was creepy AF. Especially that building in that town. I had an uneasy feeling the whole time I was there. It had bad vibes. And even though we really didn’t talk about this stuff amongst ourselves, I know I am not the only one who would hear weird unexplained noises at night. Whether it was the enemy, spirits, or our imagination, the fear was real.

Later on during that deployment, we ended up turning that place into a permanent base. It was hell. It was a gunfight going in and a gunfight going out. Waking up to mortar fire. That place has seen a lot of death and bloodshed. I am posting a link to a youtube video, if you are into this kind of stuff, I’m sure you will appreciate it.

The town is Zerok in Paktika Provence.

— Spartan 6G(olf)

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